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Conspiracy Theories Ruin Our Credibility

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  1. Dear Pastor Brandon

    As one who has been gifted by God to follow and discern evil in our time I agree with mostly what you say. There are some clear cases, like the flat earth.

    However, I would not have ventured into the 9/11 area. It appears that John Brennan has much to do with this, (he would only swear on the Koran and was heavily involved with Saudi) I would not be surprised if he is a mason… It is likely that when the planes flew into the building that charges did backup the destruction of the tower from the base. Some fire fighters have said they distinctly heard charges going off. Planes may destroy parts of buildings but don’t bring them down! The planes were the fear factor, the charges were most likely used for demolition completion.

    In terms of the carbon tax lie and weather extremes: Having been in horticulture and a grower in different parts of the world I can assure you that the worlds weather has become more intense and more extreme. We know that this is part of the birth pains – more frequent and more intense, Mathew 24. Flooding has become prevalent everywhere – as in the days of Noah! The waters of woman…the birth pain break = flooding.
    This ‘green deal’ by the WEF is one of satan’s biggest deceptions ever and will probably be even more successful than cvd and the biowpn shots in that he is using it to bring in the belief that it is all related to carbon. Ok, so we know that is the lie part, HOWEVER, there are some that are saying that the weather is not unusual – that is also a lie. So then what is causing the weather extremes? Some say geoengineering – well I am inclined to shut that down…yet we know that Gates is playing with blocking out the sun using aluminium particles in nanotechnology. That is a fact. Control the weather is tantamount to controlling people, just like food, oil, etc. HOWEVER, I believe that their effort is minuscule in terms of affecting the world’s weather and will lead to much speculation and further conspiracy theories. It is more likely that a grand solar minimum and the last volcanic explosion are playing their part in our current weather phenomena. It is God bringing us to our knees and putting us under more duress so that we are reminded of who is in charge during the birth pains and sorrows.One could even argue that Satan’s wrath goes into weather phenomena as it did in the case with Job, with God’s wrath overshadowing his ability in the tribulation with 100 pound hailstones… Overall, it is becoming clear that the horses are either rearing in the stables or are leaning over the paddock gate awaiting their full release into the wild. We are seeing the foreshadowing of what the horses will bring. I can see why some think that the horses are in canter mode but not yet at a full gallop.

    Lastly, the synagogue of satan, the Jews that call themselves Jews but are not and the ‘protocols of Zion’. I can see why people get caught up in this antisemitism. Have you seen how many so called Jews are involved in the making of the ‘gene therapy shots’? It may shock you. Then again the persecution of the Israeli people and mandates were at the forefront in Israel, the fourth shot was mandated before others in the world had had their second dose – so we see satan’s persecution of Jews once again and headed by the synagogue of satan. It is undeniable that a large proportion of the worlds evil stems from these ‘false Jews’ …yet how do we discern that they are not Jews when they claim to be. Clearly an issue where satan laughs. Like you I have come to the conclusion that one has to rationalize and call out evil individuals and not label. Thanks for your talk.

  2. Pastor Brandon, you incorrectly state that all the prophecy leaders came out against the Covid “vaccine”. Completely untrue. Amir defended the Covid vaccine and promoted it.


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