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Tithing, Giving & Donations

We are excited to announce that we have changed our online Giving Platform to better serve our congregation. This change will allow more of your funds to go directly towards ministry here at Rock Harbor. If you need an end of year report, please Contact Us.

To get started with the new platform, please click the button below which will redirect you to Subsplash.

Looking for your Giving Statement for 2023? Please scroll down and read the steps provided below.

Useful Information

Supporting Israel

There are several ways you can support Israel. Simply choose your desired fund from the Giving Page drop down menu.

  • Bless Israel Fundraiser: To support the IDF with needed supplies.
  • IDF Families Support: To support the families of the IDF with living expenses.
  • One Backpack: To support volunteers to hand-deliver items to Israel.
Rock Harbor Church

How do I find my Giving Statement for 2023?

First, we need to log you into your donor account. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Login to your Subsplash account online by Clicking Here.
  2. or, you can open the Rock Harbor Church App on your mobile device.

You can view your transaction history in the Gift History tab of your donor account.Select an individual transaction from the list of transactions to view the full transaction details, which is essentially your gift receipt.


Download Our App:


Download Our App: