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Rock Harbor Church

Exciting Giving Update!

We are excited to announce that we have changed our online Giving Platform to better serve our congregation. This change will allow more of your funds to go directly towards ministry here at Rock Harbor.

To get started with the new platform, please follow the next steps to assist you in setting up your new account.


Download Our App:


Download Our App:

Rock Harbor Church


Does this change in-person or mail-in giving?

No, if you were giving by mail or offering box in-person, this will not affect you. Continue to give as you have previously been giving. Thank you!

When do I need to make the switch by?

March 15th, 2023

It’s asking me to create a new profile. Why do I have to create a new profile to give?

Our previous giving platform was provided by Pushpay. We have now switched to a new platform called Subsplash, which requires a separate profile to use for giving.

Can I still see my giving history, payment information, and other important documents related to my giving?

Yes, simply log into your new Subsplash giving account here. Click on the little person icon on the top right of the screen and use your login credentials to access your account. Once signed in, click on the person icon again and you will find all your profile information, including giving history, payment methods and recurring gifts.

Is the website giving portal the same as the app giving portal?

Yes, the website giving portal and the Subsplash app giving portal are the same. You can use the same login credentials for both the app and website.