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Circus Church Is Here!

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  1. Thank you Pastor Brandon and Team Rock Harbor for being our Watchman.

  2. It’s so disgusting to see these “churches” in their RIDICULOUS, extravagant productions! It’s so utterly ludicrous! It’s embarrassing to watch these circus acts. You’d think they would see how stupidly they are behaving. But then again, people today are “identifying” as animals now – the utter insanity of this world! I just shake my head in dismay and ask Jesus when will He come collect us off this horrid planet???!!!!!

  3. I belong to a church that does musicals but there is always a biblical theme.

  4. If they aren’t preaching about Jesus and Him crucified for our sins and calling for repentance. Then be very careful that your not deceived.

  5. I watched part of the latest Q&A about how to prepare for the times we are in and about halfway through it became private. I can’t wait till it’s posted here so that I can finish. Thank You!


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