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The Depopulation Agenda’s Attack on Society

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  1. Brandon 100 million percent every angle top down left right population control Satan wants No humans born into this world

  2. Do you have the links to the PubMed/NIH articles ? I would like to download them myself. Might I make a suggestion, if possible, do like JD Farag and include a resource link with the videos. I download and print many of these type of documents for our local church (rural North Carolina) and myself. I’m sick of the lies were told, I’ve been a RPh for 40+ years and for 30 of them I bought the lie too. Rev 18:23 (in the Greek) really made me do a deep dive. If Pharmakeia is the method Mystery Babylon deceives ALL the Nation’s and is a primary reason God destroys her, then I had to look deeper. Pharmacy as we’ve known it in our lifetimes is really only about 120-150 years old, that’s young in the Biblical world view timeline. Pharmacy developed primarily from Rockefeller Medicine (aka Western Medicine) which really took off after Rockefeller got control of the oil industry, it started an avalanche of chemistry study in the 1915-1930 time frame, that led to Rockefeller getting control of the medical colleges and the birth of modern pharmacy sprang from that. Pharmacy prior to the 1915 Era was known mostly as Apothecary shops which were mostly run by the local doctor who, if grew a large enough practice may have hired a chemist to help him prepare his concoctions. Now Pharmakeia has been around since Babylon but as in Daniel, this was secret knowledge and you had to be accepted in to even study the esoteric knowledge (aka Chaldeans or Mystery Religions). Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendigo were recruited in as you well know. They refused to be brainwashed and kept their faith. Preaching to the choir–sorry. Anyway, after the Babylonian empire collapsed, the knowledge was passed on into China and Iran regions, these early created pharmacopeias (essentially recipe books) would later be taken up by Roman empire, and of course the doctors of those days were essentially servants to the rich and powerful, this was still guarded knowledge. From Rome it spread (the pharmacopeias ) to rest of Europe where it was routinely revised and edited. England created a version that was brought to the New World (USA) when Medicine had become a little more mainstream after the plaques Europe had been hit with. The British Pharmacopeia was primarily the source that started Medicine here. But I must say that all recipes, including poisons to kill ( arsenic, cyanide), hallucinogenic recipes (mushrooms and toxins) portals to demonic realities, along with healing recipes were all in these pharmacopeias and 95% of them were naturally occurring herbs or extracts. Of course this knowledge couldn’t just be given to anyone although money would get anyone anything they wanted if they had enough money. Ok, enough on the brief history lesson, ffwd to my career (1982 graduate), Rx at that time was just then starting to transform from natural drugs and compounding Dr’s special formulas into the BigPharma corporations running our drug business now. I saw many red flags in my career, but still didn’t connect the dots, but these things bothered me. Side street, my college minor was psychiatry so one of my first forays into rx training/internship was psychiatric hospitals including forensic psychiatric prisons. Remember the old Jack Nicholson movie “One flew over the cuckoo nest”? Well in the 70’s and early 80’s, electro shock therapy and lobotomies were still prescribed, but the barbarianism of those practices brought criticism and forced the medical industry to come up with other methods to control the “lunatics, retards, and schizophrenics” of society. In those early years, wasn’t much in rx, thorazine was the big psychiatric drug (aka The Thorazine Shuffle), a few others like Mellarill, Lithium Carbonate, and Valium the big sedation drug for the truly spastic patient. Was it the Beatles or the Stones who sang “mommy’s little yellow pill”? I forget. This sparked BigPharma to come up with better anti-anxiety, anti-depressants, anti-psychotic meds. The floodgates opened. First out the shoot was Prozac! The wonder drug, but it had a serious side effect–suicide or suicidal thoughts! So potentially bad, it was only meant for 18 years old and up in the early years (around 1988-91’ish). Now over the next 10 years and thousands of rx’s I filled for it, I came to one conclusion (no scientific study, just my personal experience with patients)–out of 10 people on it, it may truly had helped 2-3, six more people they just thought it helped them, but one out of ten- it turned them into evil people, monsters. Not that many committed suicide or killed that I know of, but their spouses would tell me how mean they had become. Fortunately, most stopped taking it. I still hadn’t connected the dots yet, meanwhile the “me too” drugs or cousins of Prozac started rolling out to, the Zolofts, Zyprexa, Abilify, and many many more! My conclusion–instead of surgical lobotomies, we have turned to chemical lobotomies–the people just didn’t care anymore– about anything. Now there’s alot more to this story and I’ll continue, I promise this all leads back to Rev 18:23..but my finger is sore typing on my phone, I’ll have part 2 in a day or two from my laptop. Thanks again for ALL you do, I share your broadcasts often!


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