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The Counterfeit Messiah

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  1. Hi Brothers and sisters @ Rockharbor church.
    I watched you recent video on the false Messiah. If I could give an interpretation to the reason for the 200 mile trail of Blood as mentioned. When the covenant the anti- Christ makes with Israel is broken, I believe this the reason for the slaughter for the anti-Christ and his followers. The reason I say this is because when God made the covenant with Abraham, God cut in two the animals as a promise He will fulfill His promise to Abraham or be cut in two just like the animals. So when the Anti- Christ breaks his promise to Israel in the strengthening of the covenant to them, they have to be cut in two like those animals. I wonder if the bow in the hand of the Anti-Christ is the Covenant that he breaks with Israel. If you don’t mind, I would like some feedback to my thoughts in my understanding. A simple believer in Jesus (Steve) thanks for your time.


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