About the Church Locator

Rock Harbor Church

About Our Church Locator

We are doing our best to vet the churches that we are sending to you as potential remnant fellowships, but since we have not had personal contact with many of these churches, we can only go by what they post on their websites. That means you have the responsibility to be “good Bereans” (Acts 17:11) checking the Scriptures against what is being taught.

In addition to the fundamentals of the Christian Faith, here are some key doctrinal issues to consider when you evaluate a church:

  1. Not Calvinist
    1. In other words, their doctrinal statement should in some way state that the gift of salvation is offered freely to all mankind and not that it is exclusively for those that are the called, chosen, elect or predestined.
    2. Also, that the salvation of the believer is eternally secure.  Salvation cannot be earned.  Therefore, it cannot be lost.
  2. Dispensational
    1. Teach a pre-tribulation rapture of the church.
    2. Teach a pre-millennial and bodily return of Christ.
  3. Not Replacement Theology
    1. The Church does not replace Israel.
    2. God is not done with Israel.
    3. The Abrahamic, Davidic, & New Covenants are unilateral & everlasting covenants between God & Israel. It does not matter what Israel does or has done; God has promised to fulfill these covenants & will do it.
    4. Pro-Israel – the people, the nation, the land. Not always their government/leadership. Their government/leadership has done & will do things that are wrong, i.e., land for peace agreements, denying the Messiah &, signing a covenant with the Anti-Christ.

When you visit churches, listen critically.  Talk to the pastor about the doctrinal issues mentioned above. Ask him about prophecy and world events. If a church you are checking out is vague or will not take a position on these issues, you will be better served to move on.