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We are an “old school” Calvary Chapel, not affiliated CGN, but with CCA.
I was very blessed to be on staff at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa back in the 90’s with Pastor Chuck Smith.
This is our 19th year as a CC fellowship- which the Lord so graciously used us to plant.
We uphold all of the Calvary Chapel Doctrine- from Dispensationalism, to PreTrib Rapture, to prophetical things, etc.
We teach verse by verse through the Bible- are currently chapter by chapter on Wednesday Evenings (in 2 Chron) and verse by verse on Sun mornings. (Currently in Revelation.)
We do prophecy Updates once a month.
We solidly support Israel.
We stayed open during most of the COVID shutdown. (We closed for the first 5 weeks and then reopened.)
We are very blessed by your ministry and Jan Markel’s ministry.
We support the ministries of Jack Hibbs and Barry Stagner, and others- and I am acquaintances of both men.
There is so much more to say, but please let me know if you have further questions.
Thank you.

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1313 Northeast 134th Street , Vancouver, Washington 98685, United States
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All day
All day
All day
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All day
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