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Living Hope Church

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100% Bible preaching of the full Bible, Christ-centered, no debt, missionary friendly, real Christian fellowship!

Mission: We are a Christ-centered, Bible preaching church whose purpose is to encourage and equip the saints to take the saving message of Jesus Christ to our community and to our world.

In 1993 the Lord established Living Hope Church in Winchester, WI. Pastor Richard Krenz, the founding pastor, continued to faithfully preach God’s word until his recent retirement. Pastor Krenz was joined in 2005 by Pastor John Nuce, who has assumed the privilege of teaching and preaching this vibrant church family.

Living Hope Church believes in what the Apostle Paul called the simplicity of Christ. The Name of our faith is Jesus Christ, and it is our desire to exalt, worship and praise Him first and foremost. It is the saving truth that God gave His Son, Jesus, to become a man and dwell with us here on this earth, to die in our place for our sins, and to rise again the third day; every man must hear and believe this truth to be saved and secure in Christ forever. We focus on this simple message as we work line by line, verse by verse, book by book through the Bible on Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings.

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Winchester, Wisconsin 54557, United States
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