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At LifeStory Church we hope to restore confidence in the Word of God to the believer. To teach an understanding of how to “rightly discern the word of truth”, separating the truth from mistranslated tradition and misguided cultural influence. Context matters! We predominantly have an exegetical approach in our teaching(Chapter by Chapter, Verse by verse), though issues of the day may frequently warrant addressing specifically from the pulpit. We believe that honest searching will lead to finding answers where answers are available to humanity.

It is our sincere desire as a body of believers to live out the values found in the word of God, and our role in furthering his Kingdom. We have purposed in our hearts to speak the Gospel of Jesus Christ unapologetically in a way that overcomes denomination and traditional stigmas. We seek to build a church that at its core is a training ground that equips and encourages believers to speak and stand for the truth when faced with the lies that are prevalent in the world. We seek to inspire leaders, and future leaders of our community to push back against the demonic agenda in this world that seeks to infiltrate and destroy the foundational institutions of our society; marriage, the nuclear family, schools, government, et al. Worship is a powerful part of our relationship with God and an essential part of our service at LifeStory. The Holy Spirit led contemporary music sets the tone and flow of the entire service.

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6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
10:30 am - 12:00 pm
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